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About Saturday Knight Fever
Saturday Knight Fever is a social guild that happens to be raiding and doing RBG's. We're a bunch of people full of laughs and drunken banter, though we do try to be serious when raiding etc. SKF is also one of the oldest guilds on Shadowsong, and we're still going strong.
We've now created our sister guild on Silvermoon for some cross realm guild raids
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Patch 6.2 live

by Ziyall, 3227 days ago

Patch 6.2 is live, and Hellfire Citadel has opened!!


Hellfire Citadel has now officially opened, and over the coming days written guides, video guides and recap videos will be coming out. I will post them here and update this post as videos become available.


Hellfire Assault video     recap
Iron Reaver video recap
Hellfire High Council video recap
Kormrok video recap
Killrogg Deadeye video recap
Gorefiend video recap
Shadow Lord Iskar video recap
Fel Lord Zakuun video recap
Socrethar the Eternal video recap
Xhul'horac video recap
Tyrant Velhari video recap
Mannoroth video recap
Archimonde video recap

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Patch 6.2 raid preview

by Ziyall, 3246 days ago

Preview of patch 6.2 raid encounters


Hellfire Citadel

Hellfire Assault video  
Iron Reaver video  
Hellfire High Council video  
Kormrok video  
Killrogg Deadeye video  
Gorefiend video  
Shadow Lord Iskar video  
Fel Lord Zakuun video  
Socrethar the Eternal video  
Xhul'horac video  
Tyrant Velhari video  
Mannoroth video  
Archimonde video  

  Remember, these videos are guides can be subject to change, so take them from what they are, a preview of what is to come in Hellfire Citadel in patch 6.2.

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Kromog killed

by Ziyall, 3295 days ago

The Legend of the Mountain, Kromog, is now history and a distant memory.


  1. Kargath Bladefist  ( video )
  2. The Butcher  ( video )
  3. Tectus  ( video )
  4. Brackenspore  ( video )
  5. Twin Ogron  ( video )
  6. Ko'ragh  ( video )
  7. Imperator Mar'gok  ( video / recap )

* Highmaul Heroic guild kill video archive here.


Blackrock Foundry

  1. Gruul  ( video / recap )
  2. Oregorger  ( video / recap )
  3. Beastlord Darmac  ( video / recap )
  4. Flamebender Ka'graz  ( video / recap )
  5. Hans'gar and Franzok  ( video / recap )
  6. Operator Thogar  ( video / recap )
  7. The Blast Furnace  ( video / recap )
  8. Kromog  ( video / recap )
  9. The Iron Maidens  ( video / recap )
  10. Blackhand  ( video / recap )

* Blackrock Foundry Heroic guild kill video archive here.

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